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Making it last

FLAPH exclusively offers sustainable styles of uncompromising quality, allowing you to use them again and again with a clear conscience. We have a mission to use our clothing more and keep it for longer. With proper care and maintenance, you can significantly extend the lifespan of your clothes.

Up to 2/3 of the CO2 footprint of clothing occurs only after it enters the home

Wash Less

The vast majority of the clothes we wear in our daily lives don't get dirty enough to require washing after every use. Often, spot treating the garment or airing it out will be sufficient.

Lower Temperature

By washing your clothes at lower temperatures, you can reduce the number of microfibers released during a washing cycle. You can wash almost all your clothes at 30 degrees without it affecting cleanliness.


The dryer is an environmental offender. So, ditch the dryer and air-dry your clothes whenever you can. The less you use the dryer, the longer your clothes will last, and you'll also be doing the climate a favor.


If the clothes aren't dirty, it's often enough to hang them outside and let them be aired by the wind. Additionally, some materials benefit more from fresh air than water. For instance, wool has a natural self-cleaning ability, so a few hours on the clothesline can remove any odors.

Fix it

If an accident happens, like a seam coming undone, consider getting the clothes repaired instead of throwing them away. With minimal effort, you can continue to enjoy your clothes for many seasons instead of just discarding them.

New Life

If you have clothes in your wardrobe that you no longer use, try to find a local thrift store where others can benefit from the clothing. About 80% of the clothes we throw away still have 80% of their lifespan left.