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FLAPH x Sorelle Sweatpants ChocolateFLAPH x Sorelle Sweatpants Chocolate
FLAPH x Sorelle Sweatpants OliveFLAPH x Sorelle Sweatpants Olive
FLAPH x Sorelle Sweatpants Olive Sale price€95,95 EUR
FLAPH x Sorelle Sweatshirt ChocolateFLAPH x Sorelle Sweatshirt Chocolate
FLAPH x Sorelle Sweatshirt Chocolate Sale price€109,95 EUR
FLAPH x Sorelle Sweatshirt OliveFLAPH x Sorelle Sweatshirt Olive
FLAPH x Sorelle Sweatshirt Olive Sale price€109,95 EUR

Women's clothing made from responsible high-quality materials."

At FLAPH, you'll discover women's clothing crafted from sustainable and recyclable materials, without compromising on quality or aesthetics. We offer classic, feminine, and sophisticated styles in modern silhouettes. In addition to the feminine and classic looks, you'll also find styles with a more edgy vibe - a perfect combination to make your wardrobe stand out. We've carefully selected the right materials, so you can shop with a clear conscience while looking fantastic.

A versatile wardrobe.

Versatility is a key concept in our universe. We believe that women's clothing should be practical and adaptable, easily transitioning between feminine, sporty, casual, and business looks. FLAPH's clothing is designed to be suitable for any occasion, allowing you to look cool and stylish whether you're attending an important meeting, hanging out at a café with friends, or heading out for a drink. It's important for us to inspire you to mix and match your wardrobe in various ways with just a few classic pieces. You'll find everything from elegant dresses to basic t-shirts and comfortable sweatshirts.

Explore our universe. Here you'll find:

  • Dresses for Women
  • Shirts for Women
  • Sweatshirts for Women
  • T-shirts for Women
  • Knitwear for Women
  • Leggings for Women
  • Tie Dye for Women
  • Shorts for Women

For those who dare to challenge the status quo

We aim to challenge the conventional approach to fashion production and disrupt the industry's constant pursuit of new trends. Far too often, we've witnessed how overconsumption and poor quality have resulted in closets filled with too much clothing, worn too little. The fact is, women only wear about 20 percent of their clothes 80 percent of the time. Dear consumer, you have a choice and a responsibility. We encourage you to be mindful of your consumption habits - demand more - buy less, but of better quality.

Order Online

We want to make it easy and straightforward to shop for women's clothing online. That's why we offer you free shipping on all your purchases, regardless of order size. If you're not 100 percent satisfied with your products, you have a full 100 days to return them. Happy and satisfied customers mean everything to us.